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Austin Rogers


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 "In My Head" Available Now

"Cheap bandaids over 

deep scars"


Excerpt from S'possed To Be 

Who is Austin Rogers?

Austin Rogers is an Atlanta, Georgia based music artist, model and graduate from Howard University in Washington, DC. He has experience in walking runways for Under Armor and the Annual Howard University Fashion show, as well as shooting commercial projects for many notable collections.  Rogers has recently embarked on a passion that has followed throughout all of his years of life- his solo music career. As he experiences the drop of his first EP, "In My Head," now available, Austin has big plans to take over the entertainment industry.  


Outside of entertainment, Austin also has a deep aspiration for Legal Communications and Broadcasting, stemming from interests in the politics of justice and bridging the gap between government information and citizens- a major he studied at the Howard University.  He explains that his aphorism for himself is to live his life to the fullest and have a great time doing so.  Austin Rogers lived in Dubai for two years and enjoys traveling the world in order to shape his well-rounded view and appreciation of various cultures and environments.  This is reflected in many of his artistic expressions through his versatility and openness to steer from the norms of art, while making us feel that it's an electric time.  Austin Rogers is excited and ready to break ground in the industry and spread his fresh, new creative visions.   

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